The Metric O-ring Kit is available in both Nitrile 70 and Viton 75. It contains 890 metric O-rings made up of 36 commonly used metric sizes.
Unit of Measure


N/A 10.0mm x 2.0mm 15 pcs 10.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 10.0mm x 3.0mm 10 pcs 10.1mm x 1.6mm 15 pcs 11.0mm x 3.0mm 10 pcs 12.0mm x 2.0mm 15 pcs 13.0mm x 1.5mm 15 pcs 13.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 13.1MM X 1.6MM 15 pcs 14.0mm x 2.0mm 10 pcs 14.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 15.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 16.0mm x 1.5mm 10 pcs 16.0mm x 2.0mm 10 pcs 17.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 18.0mm x 2.5mm 10 pcs 19.0mm x 2.0mm 10 pcs 2.2mm x 1.6mm 20 pcs 20.0mm x 2.0mm 10 pcs 3.1mm x 1.6mm 20 pcs 4.0mm x 2.0mm 20 pcs 4.1mm x 1.6mm 20 pcs 4.3mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 5.0mm x 1.5mm 20 pcs 5.3mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 5.6mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 6.0mm x 2.0mm 20 pcs 7.1mm x 1.6mm 20 pcs 7.6mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 8.0mm x 2.0mm 15 pcs 8.3mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 8.6mm x 2.4mm 15 pcs 9.0mm x 2.0mm 15 pcs 9.0mm x 3.0mm 10 pcs 9.1mm x 1.6mm 15 pcs