Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. deals with the distribution of both standard pre-packaged kits and custom kit assembly. If it is a personalized custom kit you are looking for we assemble the required parts into individual packaging along with the necessary information on the outside of each kit.

There are a variety of standard kits that are available through Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc. and are available in Nitrile/Buna 70 and 90, Viton 75 (black and brown), Silicone 70, Neoprene 70, Ethylene Propylene 70, Aflas 80, and Teflon.
Unit of Measure

Item #

Item Name

N/A Standard O-Ring Kit
N/A Metric O-Ring Kit
N/A Warehouse Kit
N/A Boss Seal Kit
N/A Back-Up Ring Kit
N/A Quad Ring Kit
N/A Metric Splicing Kit
N/A Inch Splicing Kit